Josh Freeman

degree BSc Computing Science
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  Who am I

I am a web developer from the UK specializing in web application technologies and analytical driven development. I am pursing techniques in UI/UX Front End development and modular backend PHP programming.


Ordered by strength, confidence and experience.
HTML/CSS PHP JavaScript JQuery/Ajax/NodeJS/WebGL MySQL HTML5 Java C# Python
I have experience with setting up and maintaining a vagrant and also work daily with Git/Github. I am familiar with working to a deadline through Scrum sprints and using management applications such as Jira to handle workflows

  Featured Work

1 year commercial experience
1m+ page views
  • Massive data searching
  • Thoughful and simple tools
  • Storage and scale management

3 years commercial experience
30k page views
  • Global parsing and synchronization
  • Experimental JavaScript tools
  • Detailed self-sustainable analytics

3 years commercial experience
80k page views
  • 3D Rendering
  • Full browser app


I graduated at the University of Huddersfield with a degree in Computing Science. I learnt a lot at University and dived into difficult subjects that tested my ability to handle new and foreign technology.
My studies involved Computational Mathematics 1 and 2, Hardware and Networks, Distributed Systems, Software Design with UML, Algorithm Processes and Data, Object-Oriented and Relational Databases and Artificial Intelligence. My thesis is based on web based multiplayer gaming and the scalability of integrating large asynchronized multi-client web applications.
In 2011, I did a year's placement in Italy at the European University Institute (EUI) as a User Support Technician. This was a great opportunity and allowed me to put a lot of my learnt skills to use in the work place.